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Which is Witch? Mary and the Witch's Wish-List

Mary and the Witch’s Flower is a film I keep forgetting about. It’s not that it doesn’t look appealing, because it does. It’s not that it doesn’t look like it’ll be good, because it does. It’s not even that it’s not on my must-see list of 2018, because it is. It’s that its promotional material rode the waves like a surfer: keep waiting for a big announcement, surf big and proceed to wait for another. That kind of investment isn’t enough to excite me for more than a few hours at once.

So when I looked through Rotten Tomatoes’s website for upcoming releases, a practice that’s become ingrained in my mind, and saw the film was slated for a North American release at the end of January, I was surprised. Needless to say, I was also excited. But that excitement turned to concern when I realized I still had lingering questions that’d yet to be resolved. It’s only fitting that I, therefore, address them before the movie, yet again, slips my mind.

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