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NieA_7 (2001)

Of all the things resurrected for a physical release from the early 2000s, one of the last titles I expected was NieA_7. With the corpse of Pioneer/Geneon containing so many licenses that could be scooped up, maybe it shows up on Crunchyroll unannounced one day after its license is purchased for a song. But taking the materials from an early 2000 digital animation with mixed reviews, little financial success, and releasing it on Blu-ray in 2018? Are you mad, Discotek Media/Eastern Star? If  you're reading this, Discotek, I am very grateful for the services you provide in rescuing classics and choice obscure picks, but you guys do need money to run like everyone else and don't just have a lead-to-gold alchemy racket in your basement, right?

NieA_7 was the follow-up to the cult series for illustrator Yoshitoshi ABe (As always, the capital B is intentional) with producer Yasuyiki Ueda, and was sold as such. Most fans of the surreal, cyberpunk classic didn't follow them down th…

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