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Vic Mignog-UGH!

A while back, I wrote an article about Vic Mignogna and the dub of The Vision of Escaflowne. Despite not defending his awful behaviour, I made the decision to support his casting as Folken Fanel. I also defended his acting, calling him decent despite his limited range. In hindsight, the article hasn’t aged well, especially given the recent sexual predator allegations in pretty much every industry. It’s equally aged poorly in-light of the following comment:
“I’m sorry I just found this article and I had to comment. One of my friends was 16 when he was her worship leader. He invited her to his house to ‘look at a video of a new worship song he is working on’. He forced his hands all over her and his tongue on her. She got away without being raped but she was screwed up for a long time.” I’d like to formally apologize for defending Vic Mignogna. I stand by my claims that he’s an adequate actor, but this crosses the line into insta-creepy. The question now remains as to what to do with Mi…

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