Rainy Day Report: 8/4 - 8/17/14

Editor's Note: Apologies for the one day delay. Issues with internet service set things back a little.

This is the Rainy Day Report for August 18th, 2014, covering your weather from August 4th to August 17th. Here at the Rainy Day Report, we look back to make the most accurate forecast. This report, we can say with certainty that the weather will be excellent for biking activities, yet will halt any hunting trips you may have planned. Read on for more information on your coming weather.

Durarara!! second season debuts during Winter 2015

New information on the upcoming Durarara!! sequel anime. A side sequel book for the light novel series was previewed online recently, with an ad in the book revealing that the second Durarara!! anime would come out January 2015. The series is being animated by Studio Shuka, a new studio made by past series staff, trying to make a second season possible. Durarara!! itself is about a series of strange events in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, along with the strange people at the center of it, including an informant obsessed with manipulating people, a bartender with super strength, a serial slasher with supernatural powers, and even a headless motorcyclist. The original anime aired during the first half of 2010.

Yowamushi Pedal receives compilation film and new season

One of the surprise hits of recent, Yowamushi Pedal, is continuing with a new season and film. The film will be a retelling of the series first major arc with new footage added for pacing reasons, while the second season (first ending at thirty-nine episodes) is receiving the name of "Grande Road." The series is about competitive biking and has managed to find unexpected popularity. Notably, the manga's creator, Wataru Watanabe, also has another anime adaptation out this season with Majimoji Rurumo, which is being covered in our seasonal review series by myself.

Kickstarter open for ambitious project Under the Dog

Creative Intelligence Arts, in association with Canaan and Blast of Tempest director Masahiro Ando, have opened a kicistarter for their newest project, Under the Dog. The project is set to be a short sci-fi film about a group of young government assassins hunting down targets as ordered, and the major themes seem to be based around how far one will go to do what they see as right. The goal is $580,000, with $165,000+ raised as of writing. The high cost is to make as high quality a production as possible, so said in the FAQ. 19 days currently remain to submit funding.

Prison School to receive anime adaptation in some form

For a new anime adaptation to be a major story here, it needs to be especially interesting. Such is the case with Prison School, set to get some sort of animated adaptation in the future (unknown if full series or something else). The original manga is about five teenage boys placed into a school that was formally entirely for girls, putting them at a 1 to 200 ratio. The series starts with the expected shenanigans, before starting to mutate into something darker with a secret student council that heavily enforces the rules against males on campus. It's also one of the most ranchy manga in recent memory, with near full frontal nudity is nearly every chapter, among other things. An OVA is most likely for the series.

Hunter X Hunter anime ends with episode 148

The ever popular Hunter X Hunter series has taken the anime watching audience by storm, and the anime adaptation has managed to gain over one hundred episodes of high quality action and adventure. However, it will be ending in a few weeks. One of the cast explained that there isn't enough of the source manga left to adapt, and rather than going down the road of a franchise like Bleach or Naruto with filler arcs, they have decided to put the series on indefinite hold, as the possibility of return depends on new manga material. The series creator, Yoshihiro Togashi of Yu Yu Hakusho fame, is notably infamous for his long string of delays and poor final drafts, with unfinished rough sketches or doodles in place of finished art. The many delays he's had with the manga has caused this current issue for the animated series.

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to head Silent Hills

Konami's long running horror franchise, Silent Hill, is under new management once again. However, this time it's not with a western studio; company famous Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid is acting director for the project, bringing his team and their Fox Engine to the game, not to mention famed director Guillermo del Toro. The new game is titled Silent Hills, set to star Norman Reemus of The Walking Dead. A teaser of sorts was put on the PS4 digital store for play, titled PT, meant to tease players as they tried once before with The Phantom Pain, which turned out to be Metal Gear Solid V. The teaser has been rather well received, and while some fans are on the fence, most agree that the prospects of this new game are far higher than most every western made Silent Hill game in the past few years.

Funimation licenses The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and others

Funimation has announced a rather large licensing haul. They have announced that they have successfully licensed the entirety of the Haruhi Suzumiya animation franchise, Lucky Star and Strike Witches, along with the licensing of the Steins;Gate movie. They have also acquired the home video rights for various shows they've streamed during the past 2013 and 2014 seasons, including BlazBlue and D-Frag. Hopefully you'll be able to get these aged hits once more, as Funimation most likely has plans to re-release each series on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Hi Score Girl's publisher under lawsuit for copyright infringement of SNK properties

Rensuke Oshikiri's newest manga, Hi Score Girl, has caused a stir from game developer SNK. The manga has used characters from their various games, like The King of Fighters, without proper permission from SNK themselves, causing the group to sue Square-Enix, the publisher of Hi Score Girl. While the coming anime adaptation remains unaffected, serialization on all fronts has halted for the series until some time in the due future when an agreement with SNK has been had (supposedly). The series itself takes place in the arcade boom of the 90s and shows a budding relationship between two game enthusiasts.

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