Rainy Day Report: 8/18 - 8/31/14

This is the Rainy Day Report for September 1st, 2014, covering your weather from August 18th to August 31st. Here at the Rainy Day Report, we look back to make the most accurate forecast. This report, we can say with certainty that we will have high chances of storms in the coming months populated by bears, along with red skies during night hours.Read on for more information on your coming weather.

Hellsing Ultimate set to air on Toonami

Hellsing Ultimate has been quite the undertaking. The ten episode long OVA series,  made to make up for the rather poor original anime adaptation, is now nearly fully dubbed, and Funimation is sending all ten episodes to air on Adult Swim's Toonami, starting September 13. Unfortunately, the series is airing at 3 AM Eastern time. The late airing could be blamed on CN and AS broadcasting standards, along with the hour long length of each episode possibly upsetting earlier scheduled programming. If you haven't seen the series yet, here's your chance.

Amazon Japan selling special edition of Otaku no Video

One of Gainax's earliest works, Otaku no Video, is getting yet another release. Amazon Japan has listed the OVA for a re-release late December, just after Christmas. These special editions will include various extras from the original production and new commentary, and will include both versions from 1982 and 1985. If you want to try and import the release, it will cost you about sixty bucks American (6,264 yen). Otaku no Video is one of Gainax's earliest works and was one of the first works that focused on the people who loved anime. It's a major part of the medium's history and worth having in your collection simply for its relevance, especially if you're a Gainax fan.

Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch OVA announced with promo

Ikki Tousen just won't go away (sadly). The horrifically popular ecchi action series has managed to stay profitable for years, despite a lack of quality, and it is now getting a new OVA. The franchise is a sort of retelling of the famous novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, with the characters replaced by high school students. Sort of. Everyone is aware of said story and act as if they have some sort of destiny to live out based on said story, and things start falling apart from there. The manga and anime are radically different, and neither follows this concept particularly close. Even among cheesecake shows, Ikki Tousen's notable popularity remains an enigma.

Capcom sues Koei Tecmo for 980 million yen for copyright infringement

SNK suing Square-Enix was already quite the story, but it seems like two other major Japanese publishers are going neck and neck as well, although for far more suspect reasons. Capcom is suing Koei Tecmo for supposed copyright infringement in their Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors games. The infringements include using rumble features to warn the player of enemies and getting new content from an older game. They're aiming for a 980 million yen settlement, title suspensions and a cut of license fees. This appears to be patent trolling on Capcom's part, as both patents disputed are very vague and common features in many games since the PS2 era. Time will tell how this plays out.

Sentai Filmworks explains the lack of the director's cut finale for Gatchaman Crowds

Many fans were heavily disappointed by Sentai stating that Gatchaman Crowds would not be released with the director's cut version of the final episode. The 2013 Summer series met with rushed production issues in the final few episodes, resulting in a half episode recap and a finale that failed to answer several questions. The later released director's cut added in all missing content and explained what happened to Berg in the finale, along with the fates of the heroes. Sentai has said that the cut was distributed by a different company then the one they were dealing with for the main series and haven't denied that we won't see the cut in English markets in the future. Hopefully they can make the proper deals and release the episode soon.

Kunihiko Ikuhara to direct Yuri Bear Storm

Kunihiko Ikuhara, the famed director of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Penguindrum, is directing a new series. Titled Yuri Kuma Arashi, or "Yuri Bear Storm," the series is an adaptation of a manga about a girl who dreams of a classmate in the form of a bear. It definitely sound strange enough for Ikuhara's resume. The series is being made with studio Silver Link, most known for their adaptation of Watamote, the Baka to Test series, and animated adaptations of the Fate/kaleid liner series. They're also the studio producing this season's Invaders of the Rokujyoma.

Toshio Hirata dead at 76

Anime director Toshio Hirata is dead at the age of 76, dying on the 25th of August. The information was shared by Sunao Katabuchi (the director of the Black Lagoon anime) on his Twitter. Toshio Hirata is most known among western fans for his work on Pet Shop of Horrors, an anime adaptation of a shojo horror manga about a strange pet shop that sells monstrous and ironically cruel creatures. The series is considered a cult hit among many and still has many fans today. For our European fans, you may recognize his work more from his time on New Moonin, where he acted as an episode director. He had been working up into the modern day, helping with story boards of Space Dandy's twelfth episode.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan anime set for 2015

The previously announced anime adaptation of the manga series The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan finally has a release window. The series in question is a spin-off series of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, one of the most popular anime of the past decade. The franchise has been dormant on the animation front while Kyoani had been busy with other projects and controversy over Haruhi's voice actress caused some problems, but this seems to finally be changing. This spin-off takes place in the "Disappearance" timeline of the series and is ultimately more comedic and grounded than its big sister series, focusing on the supporting character of Yuki re-imagined as a shy girl instead of an alien/cybernetic intelligence. No word yet on the animation studio making the series, but you can purchase and read the manga legally right now through publisher Yen Press.

Yen Press adds LNs for Log Horizon, Devil is a Part-Timer, and No Game No Life

Good news for light novel fans. Yen Press has found surprising success with their light novel line, so they've decided to bring over the original novels of Log Horizon, Devil is a Part-Timer and No Game No Life. They're also throwing in a bonus with a collection of Pandora Hearts stories called Caucus Race, on top of planning more then twenty-four books for release next year. It's a good time to be interested in pulp literature. Log Horizon is a series about people trapped in a game world and learning to use the rules of that world to make a new life, Devil is a Part-Timer is a comedy series about the devil working at a McDonalds, and No Game No Life is a fantasy series based around characters playing complex games and using the rule sets to their advantage. All three received anime adaptations in the last two years, and they're all really enjoyable, check them out if you have the time (though do be warned that No Game No Life is the most problematic of the three for various reasons).

Clannad getting an English steam release

Key/Visual Arts has become a major part of the anime cultural zeitgeist, creating a series of VNs that have all received popular anime adaptations (minus Angel Beats). However, finding their works in English has been rather difficult in the past several years. This may be changing. Sekai Project has announced that Clannad, one of Key's most popular games, will receive a full English release on Steam, including voice acting, but there aren't many details beyond that. Your chance to see what the big deal about Key is, both positive and negative, is coming soon, so if you've been curious, be ready to get your answer.

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