Kinkmas: Huuna Mina

Welcome back to the four part Holiday series I call Kinkmas, where I look at weird fetish games I've found on my travels through the dredges of the internet. The first game I talked about was a tad on the “might have actually heard of somewhere” side of things, so now we're getting into the weird stuff you gotta dig for. I think an action game about torture with a bondage powered vampire ninja is a good a place as any to start, don't you? Let's talk about the oh so bizarre Huuna Mina.

I came across this bizarre gem of a game when I was browsing through English DLSite (mainly for the hilarious descriptions and titles of games there, please do go check that out one of these days). Nothing about it particularly interested me at first, but I downloaded it out of curiosity and came to quickly realize that this is not my first time dealing with this developer. See, Huuna Mina is the first game from the Hajime doujin circle, who I previously discovered from a Steam title they released titled Cinderella Escape. Expect more on that game next year, there's only so much crazy I can handle at once. The thing that really made me make the connection is that both games love torture and bondage, but can't really be considered porn games by any measure.

The premise here is that Huuna Mina is a ninja that was captured by some unknown organization for her healing factor ninja skill thing (SPOILERS: SHE HAS VAMPIRE POWERS). A friend of her's breaks her out, though she barely remembers anything about herself or her friend and it is clear this friend is not a friend because she keeps thinking to herself how she can manipulate the hot ninja vampire. But that point is moot for the moment, as said friend gets kidnapped and Huuna Mina has to go around beating up maids, bunny girls, and BDSM queens to actually figure out who the bad guy is. She also captures each boss for interrogation and keeps them in torture machines after she learns what she needs to know, despite only one of the bosses actually being apart of the organization. The rest are all just random people tangentially connected to the situation, as far as I can tell from the awful translation, meaning Huuna Mina is kind of a huge sadistic jerk. She clearly enjoys her work far too much as well.

The story of this game seriously is a non-nonsensical mess. The big twist is spoiled early on, and the whole ninja angle seems pointless after the vampire stuff comes up. But there's definitely comedy to be found in realizing how little most of the events in this matter at all. The first three levels have Huuna Mina attacking an organization of maids, a casino populated by bunny girls with rocket launchers, and a BDSM lesbian sex dungeon that one of the bad guys likes going to apparently. None of these places are apart of the evil organization that captured you, they just get hired for jobs that aren't even related to Huuna Mina at all. So because you're looking for your best friend who is clearly not a friend, you end up storming these places, beating up and kidnapping the heads of each group, and put them through torture to learn information that just leads you to the next pointless link in the chain. Once you do finally reach the bad guy organization, which is populated entirely by hot women in glasses wielding halberds, you topple them with little effort and then go on to one more level with a bunch of fake best friends you don't even have to interact with. The final boss is said best friend, the incredibly obvious vampire, but she's in bondage the entire time while flipping around like a mad man, using incredible superpowers that can easily be overcome by just abusing the combo system.

As I mentioned, Huuna Mina is an action game, and a messy one at that. There's not really a lock on, at least as I could find, so part of the challenge is moving Huuna Mina in the direction of the target as she wildly swings around with her flashy moves. Thankfully, they have a pretty wide hit radius, but it's a big problem is up close brawls. This issue is negated once you realize how easy it is to abuse the combo system, though. Long combos tend to result in losing track of your target, so the wiser strategy is to do a short combo, stop it before the big last blow, and quickly start a new one. The game's mechanics are basically an unfinished Devil May Cry prototype that has some necessary basics, like air launching and dodges, but doesn't really work in the polish or refinement of that system, making it a mess of button mashing.

The other thing you can do in this game is torture captured bosses for information, which is just ...strange. You start off with noose hanging, which is apparently not deadly at all and somehow the least effective torture method, move onto a wooden torture horse, and eventually get a brain washing machine. Using any of these is less erotic and more “huh?” That brain washing machine is a major head scratcher, because it doesn't seem to do anything different from the other torture devices. The characters just mildly writhe in all instances, leading one to wonder why these scenes are here at all. You can also smack bosses with a riding crop, but that is also confusing because you just do a normal attack swing and a smack sound plays. It's all done with the normal combat set-up and is therefore completely detached from itself. Things like this should really be their own minigames. Action game mechanics work with action games, not spanking segments. This is why all those weird Vita RPGs have erotic content as minigames. Imagine trying to have softcore bondage scenes entirely with menus.

But these weird torture sequences are not why I'm spotlighting this game, no. The other interesting thing here is that Huuna Mina has multiple outfits to wear. While one gives a speed boost, the others put her in increasing amounts of bondage, with the last outfit putting her in a full body rope dress that ties her arms behind her back. This is the best outfit in the game because rope bondage apparently awakens vampire superpowers, letting you use superhuman kicks, cause radial aura explosions, and even do the near infinite air kick thing Kirby does in Super Smash Brothers. It's like you're raining bullets from the sky, but it's really just super fast kicks in heels.

The creator of this game is really obsessed with bondage, including a little book talking about the art of rope bondage, and your ultimate reward is a final flashback level where you're completely bound, hands and legs, as you try inching to an exit in a maze filled with women who will push you down and grab your tits if you get too close. Also, this level is just as strange as the torture segments, as these women only have one very stiff animation and nothing else. The level goes on for nearly fifteen minutes and nothing of interest happens. Cinderella Escape, the creator's second game, is a vast improvement over this, but there's dumb fun to be had with the BDSM exploits of Huuna Mina. Just not for the price on DLSite. You don't see confused fetish trash like this often, and that's worth something. Not much, but something.

Come back next Friday for a look at a ryona game. That's Japanese for “getting the shit beat out of you erotically.” Hey, don't judge, have you seen the stuff we in the west are into? Cake farts are a significant fetish here. Just reflect on that.


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